Student Interview Trip

Annie and scholarship student mother in Bac Lieu, Vietnam
(Photo of "Annie and scholarship student mother in Bac Lieu, Vietnam" from Anne Xuan Clark's blog)

Every year, a group of dedicated, passionate VNSF volunteers spend 3 days traveling long and arduous distances to interview students and give out our scholarships. Most years, Board Members and Board Advisors join our volunteers in Sai Gon on what is always a memorable and touching experience. This year, our Co-Founder, Tam Nguyen, and Board Member, Anh Tran, were honored to be joined by one of our long-time supporters and donors — Anne Xuan Clark. Here’s a small excerpt from Annie’s blog about her experience:

I was assigned to video tape the interviews with students and parents. You might think this is a challenging task since I can‘t actually understand the interviews. But I’m pretty good at reading situations and can see emotion and spirit, I can tell when someone is going to open up and tell a great story. And the stories just pour out. Single mothers that have struggled to raise children, older sisters raising younger siblings. They are giving the next generation everything to create a better future. It’s an age-old story and I never get tired of seeing the proud smile of mothers as they gaze at their daughters with love and hope.

Thanks, Annie, for volunteering your time and sharing your experience with us. It’s because of the generosity of compassion, time and money from supporters like you that we’re able to help these amazing kids on their path towards a brighter future.

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