Farming Challenges in Bac Lieu & Ca Mau

As part of the VNSF Scholarship application process, students submit essays to us on various topics. We are always moved by these letters and essays which describe incredible hardships and unbreakable determination to succeed. One of the common challenges our students face is the hazards of farming – a lifestyle that not only demands hard work and discipline but is riddled by the fate and whim of the weather. The article below describes briefly some of the pains of farming…

Out-of-season rains in 2009 spoiled thousands of tons of salt worth tens of billions of dong. Salt prices were very high at 2000-3000 dong per kilo. The price prompted some to focus on making salt their next crop, giving up their shrimp hatcheries. Now the bountiful salt crop of 2010 has made the price fall to 400-700 dong per kilo.

The sharp fall has made the farmers suffer. Many of them decided not to collect salt to avoid paying for labor. The more salt they collect will create bigger losses.

Read the full article.

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