Completion of Xuan Dieu Library in My Tho

In May 2007, Inspire Vietnam (newly adopted by VNSF) completed the renovation of its first library for Xuan Dieu Middle School! Xuan Dieu is located in My Tho, a small town located in the Mekong Delta.


Turn Xuan Dieu’s under resourced library into a thriving space for student activity.

The Situation:

  • Books: Xuan Dieu’s student library lacked books for students. Given resource constraints, the school used what little budget to purchase text books and school materials. Therefore, prior to Inspire’s involvement, the library shelves were 80% barren. (See picture below.)
  • Large student body, small space: Although the school had a student body of over 3,000 students, the library space was limited.
Happy students, but empty book shelves.

What We Achieved:

  • More Books: With the help of several wonderful university volunteers, we surveyed the student body and staff to get a list of relevant book titles. We then approached a publishing house that allowed us to purchase the volumes at cost. We were able to obtain approximately 400 volumes for $250.
  • A Well Lit Room: Given the size of the student body, we wanted to create as much usable space for the students. We renovated the back room, which was being used as storage space for antiquated novels, and turned it into a study room for students – increasing the usable space by 30%. We also constructed new shelves and tables, using local community contractors.
Renovated interior with 400 new books purchased for the students.
Entrance of the new library

Excited Students!

To get the students involved and excited, we conducted a school-wide art contest to decorate the library. Over 80 students and teachers got together one Saturday to conduct the art contest. The teachers also used this occasion to teach students about cooperation and team work. They paired up students who may have not worked together or may have had issues getting along to encourage camaraderie.

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