Completion of Long Phuoc Library in District 9

In October 2008, Inspire Vietnam (newly adopted by VNSF) completed the renovation of its second library for Long Phuoc Elementary School! Long Phuoc is located in District 9 of Saigon.


Turn Long Phuoc’s under resourced library into a thriving space for student activity.

The Situation:

  • Books: Long Phuoc‘s student library lacked books and learning materials for students. The government had recently renovated facility, but funds were not allocated towards to purchasing of new books.

What We Achieved:

  • More Books: With the help of several wonderful university volunteers, we surveyed the student body and staff to get a list of relevant book titles. We then approached a publishing house that allowed us to purchase the volumes at cost. We purchased over 750 new books for the Long Phuoc Library.
  • A Fun Room to Encourage Reading: After assessing the facility, we decided to not make any major renovations to the space. Our volunteers focused our efforts on re-decorating the library with new book shelves, tables and fun floor mats to make the space an inviting place for the elementary school students at Long Phuoc.
Renovated library with new mats, books and shelves

A fun room for elementary school students to encourage reading

Excited Students!

To get the students involved and excited, we conducted a school-wide art contest to decorate the library.


We were able to complete the library for $1,750. Happy faces of students and teachers – priceless.


Thank you to our volunteer project coordinator Ha Nghi, VietHope and our many, many individual donors for contributing to the success of the project.

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