20 Kids in 2010!

Our goal this year is to raise enough money to support the entire education of 20 kids. It only costs $1840 to send a student in Viet Nam to school from the first grade on through to University. Help us make a difference in a young student’s life. Make a donation today.

You can help make a difference in a life. Meet Nguyen Kim Tien:

I can be like myself today thanks to many concerns of many benefactors who are willing to help me and encourage me in time. Among them, VNSF has been supporting me for five years (from the year 2005 when I was in grade 11 at high school). This scholarship has given me the conditions for my study. It has motivated me in my spirit and my study. Not only was I partly released from my financial problem but I also had more motivation to study better and I was happy because I was paid attention to by other people. The feeling of being paid attention is somehow wonderful. Perhaps when people have positive feeling of their existence, there will be valuable changes in their life. Thus, I was less reserved and became more active and went out of my hut! My thoughts have changed, and I have had more friends. I had a very good time with many changes for myself from the time of being supported by VNSF. Since then, I concentrated on my study and always made great effort. I had quite good results. My wish to a university was gradually set up. I admired my teacher who teaches English. I wanted to be a teacher. I was determined to pass the entrance exam to Cantho University.

Read Nguyen Kim Tien’s full letter.

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