20 Kids in 2010!

Our goal this year is to raise enough money to support the entire education of 20 kids. It only costs $1840 to send a student in Viet Nam to school from the first grade on through to University. Help us make a difference in a young student’s life. Make a donation today.

You can help make a difference in a life. Meet Le Quang Thuan:

I am from a farming family background in Quang Ngai. The recent bad weather had greatly damaged our crop and diminished our family productivity and income. My parents have struggled tremendously to raise three children, allowing us to finish school. Ever since high school, I have already made a decision that getting a higher education is the way to help my family. Study to open my mind, to enhance the future, and to secure a job. I am aware that this is not an easy path, especially for someone in my circumstances. Many times I have thought about abandoning this objective as I watch how hard my parents struggle. But in fact, it is my parents who have motivated and helped me believe in my dream. That is the reason I have worked hard to gain admission into medical school in Ho Chi Minh city to train to become a General Practitioner.

I want to study medicine because I want to be the one to take care of my parents health when they grow old; to treat my father’s asthma, my mother’s arthritis. As a physician, I can also help improve the health of many struggling peasants from my village. As a child, I was examined by doctors from volunteer organizations, and have grown very fond of the white gowns worn by these doctors. I dream one day to be like one of those doctors.

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Translated by Dani Vinh

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