New Reading Room for 400 students in Can Gio

VNSF and volunteers recently completed the renovation of a new library for Binh Phuoc Primary School located in the Can Gio district of Ho Chi Minh. Can Gio is one of the most economically disadvantaged districts in area.

Roughly 400 students will benefit from the new library.  With a budget of approximately $1700, VNSF was able to purchase:

  • Over 700 new books
  • New tables and chairs
  • Book cases, stools and decor

After the completion of the renovation, the Binh Phuoc School Library was recognized by the administration as one of the best in the district.  Teachers often use the library to conduct special class sessions, and it really has become a center of school activity.




Thank you to VNSF supporters for your help in making this happen!  A special thanks to the Greg & Cindy Shove for contributing the majority of funds. 

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