Thanks for Making 2013 an Amazing Success!

Many thanks to all our donors, volunteers, and supporters for a fantastic year!


Here’s a look back into our 2013…

April – We renovated 2 Reading Rooms and interviewed 100 students for our Scholarship Program.

June – 82 students were accepted into our Scholarship Program and will continue to be given scholarships every year until they graduate.

August – A pilot Program Assessment project was completed to develop a protocol for understanding our students’ needs, their greatest barriers to completing college, and our programs’ effectiveness towards helping children get a college degree.

September – Our Annual Benefit Dinner raised over $55,000 with a record number of guests!

October – A small program to connect college graduates to potential employers and recruiters was approved to help new graduates find good jobs when they get out of school.

November – We entered a partnership with Technology Services Corps (TSC) to install laptops into VNSF Reading Rooms in April 2014.

December – 115 new students will be applying in the next couple months for scholarships for the 2014-2015 school year.


Here’s to a fantastic 2014!

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