Guest speaker at VNSF Annual Benefit Dinner September 26, 2015

c0d97c72-c880-4a7c-936d-da55cb6e93d9Join us for VNSF Annual Benefit Dinner Saturday,  September 26, 2015 and hear in person the amazing story of Tran Quang Duc, former VNSF scholar who received his Bachelor in Civil Engineering.
Tran Quang Duc is currently studying in US, at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, working on his Ph. D. in Infrastructures and Structural Engineering.
He will attend VNSF Annual Benefit Dinner at the North Bellevue Community Center, and share his success story made possible with your support.
Please join us in celebrating what we have achieved together, and give more kids in Viet Nam the hope for a better life.
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