Selecting This School Year’s Scholarship Recipients!

We’re reviewing 207 scholarship applicants to select which kids will receive our on-going scholarships starting this Fall! We’ve budgeted to accept 150 students this year — the most scholarships we’ve given out in a single year!

How often do we deny a student? As you can imagine, it’s very hard to deny any student a scholarship especially when most live in the conditions shown above. But there are some key things we look for to make sure every student we accept is deserving of our donors’ investment in their education. Our scholarships are for a student’s entire education (even through college), so we screen our applicants very carefully. We look for 3 key things when reviewing all applicants:

  1. Financial neediness. We conduct interviews in the family’s homes and get an understanding for the family’s financial situation — how much the household income is, how many people are supported by that income, how much debt the family has, etc.
  2. Academic standing. While we aren’t a merit based scholarship, we do want to make sure our students are passing each year and are performing at the average level compared to their peers.
  3. Motivation. This is big for us. We try very hard to assess through interviews and essays how driven the student is to go to school and do well. We want to make sure every kid we accept values education and will be supported by their family to complete their education.

We’re excited to welcome a new cohort of students into the VNSF Scholarship Program!

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