Pham Huu Ly Graduated University!!

Dear Vietnam Scholarship Foundation,

Being a VNSF scholar since I was 8th grade, I am writing to express my gratitude and sincerely say big thanks to all great donors who always have big hearts to support underprivileged students striving for a better life in Vietnam.

Born in a farmer family in a remote village, I was raised by whole love and care. Although my parents tried their best in raising their four kids, it was really challenging to sustain life. Therefore, my family had been lived in a poverty-stricken condition for many years, so my parents thought it was impossible to get all their children go to school. Fortunately, my family has left the poverty behind and I who was considered as the first person to enter tertiary organizations have just graduated from university. Unquestionably speaking, it is impossible for me to be a postgraduate unless there is VNSF timely financial support. Hence, I will never forget the priceless assistance of all VNSF donors and especially Thich Chi Tan, a Superior Buddhist Monk, and Ms Dao in Ho Chi Minh City who provided me with an opportunity to be a VNSF scholar.


On behalf of my whole family, at the back of my mind, I would like to express the great gratitude to wonderful donors, benefactors, Superior Buddhist Monk Thich Chi Tan and Ms. Dao for your generosity and assistance helping Vietnamese students. I wish you an extraordinary life with brimful of health, happiness and wealth. I promise I will be an useful individual to community, fulfilling filial duty and helping those who are in need of help as I was.

Thank you very much for all.
Pham Huu Ly

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