VNSF updates: We did not forget about you.

Dear friends,

Some of you have asked me why you haven’t received your invitation to the VNSF fall dinner gala. Rest assured, we didn’t forget you! We have postponed the event until spring. Your invitation will arrive in a few months. Until then, please kindly mark your calendar:


Saturday, May 11, 2019, 6:00 p.m. Mercer Island Community Center

The seeds of generosity you have planted through VNSF are bearing much fruit.

  • Almost 500 children are in school through VNSF scholarships. This fall we distributed scholarships in Saigon, Tien Giang, An Giang, Hau Giang, Dong Thap, and Bac Lieu.
  • The number of children receiving scholarships continues to increase. Last year we awarded 25% more new scholarships than the number of scholarships that were ending the same year.
  • At our “Sweet Sixteen” anniversary dinner, you helped us break the $100,000 barrier for the second time in our history!

But the success of our mission has come at a cost. As the number of students has increased, so has the work of running the programs. Sustained growing pains threatened to overwhelm our hard-working all-volunteer board. Some long-serving board members and volunteers experienced burnout.

This spring we welcomed several new faces. Joining board veterans Gary Ly and Alina Tran were long-time VNSF volunteers and supporters Nhung Le, Phong Dang, and Michael Bunney. And 2018 saw the return to the board of two of the founders of VNSF, Michael Grainger and Tam Nguyen.

The board made a day-long retreat in May and looked hard at our challenges. We laid out a strategy to restructure VNSF to meet tomorrow’s needs. Since then, we’ve been working to develop these plans.

Spring is a time of new beginnings, and we look forward to sharing with you a new and exciting vision for VNSF’s future.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all you do for young people in Viet Nam. Together we are changing lives and futures.

Kindest regards,

2018-12-02 Letter to Supporters-2

Tam Nguyen and the VNSF Board

Welcome Back to School!

This year, VNSF welcomes back to school 127 NEW students into our scholarship program!  Last spring, we interviewed 130 students and while we only budgeted to accept 120 students, we ended up accepting nearly all the students.  It’s hard to say no to such promising students who are in such dire need of financial stability so they can complete their education. We’ll just have to fundraise all the harder to help support the 618 scholarship students still currently enrolled in our scholarship program.

With this year’s new students, we’ve crossed a huge milestone.  Since we started in 2001, we’ve helped over 1000 students continue their education through our on-going scholarship program! We couldn’t have done it without the generous support from our wonderful donors who believe in the power of education to make real and lasting change.  Thank you!!

Raffle Basket Preview! Feast on these! #vnsf #benefitGala2017

Want to try your hand with delicious dishes from around the world?  These baskets are for you! Our “This is Pho You” basket is all the dry ingredients you need to make a tasty bowl of pho — Vietnam’s famous noodle soup and comfort food.  In our “Taste of Italy” basket you’ll find an assortment of pastas, fine olive oil and a variety of seasonings to create delicious Italian meals for you and your family.  Last but not least is our Sushi basket… from sushi rice, to dipping trays, this basket has everything you need — just add the fish!  Win the Salmon fishing trip and you’ll have the freshest sushi you’ll ever get!

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Raffle Basket Preview! Coffee / Tea Time? #vnsf #benefitGala2017

These three raffle baskets would be perfect for your next afternoon tea or coffee!  Of course, we start with our coffee & tea basket with assorted coffees and teas and everything you need to brew and serve the perfect cup!  Our Snack Attack is filled with delightful cookies, wafers and snacks plus a $75 gift card to Grand Central Bakery to get fresh baked goodies! And finally, our Baker’s Basket is everything you need to make and decorate a beautiful cake for your tea… including a cake carrier and springform pan! Win these amazing items and throw a tea time your friends won’t soon forget!

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Raffle Basket Preview! Decorate your home! #vnsf #benefitGala2017

Want to spruce up your home with some beautiful art from around the world?  We’ve got beautiful Vietnamese lacquered art for your walls and your mantels. Prints from painter Justin Hilgrove in his Word Travels series! And a beautiful set of glasses almost too pretty to drink from.

A single ticket could win you one of these beautiful pieces of art!

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Live Auction Preview! King Salmon Fishing! #benefitGala2017 #vnsf

Do you love salmon? If you win this auction item, you plus 2 guests get to join Dr. Hoang Truong on a salmon fishing trip!  Dr. Hoang really knows his stuff. Check out the size of those fish! Lunch, snacks and drinks are provided so you won’t go hungry catching your dinner.

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Thank you, Dr. Hoang Truong & Dr. Khanh Nguyen, for this amazing donation!



Pham Huu Ly Graduated University!!

Dear Vietnam Scholarship Foundation,

Being a VNSF scholar since I was 8th grade, I am writing to express my gratitude and sincerely say big thanks to all great donors who always have big hearts to support underprivileged students striving for a better life in Vietnam.

Born in a farmer family in a remote village, I was raised by whole love and care. Although my parents tried their best in raising their four kids, it was really challenging to sustain life. Therefore, my family had been lived in a poverty-stricken condition for many years, so my parents thought it was impossible to get all their children go to school. Fortunately, my family has left the poverty behind and I who was considered as the first person to enter tertiary organizations have just graduated from university. Unquestionably speaking, it is impossible for me to be a postgraduate unless there is VNSF timely financial support. Hence, I will never forget the priceless assistance of all VNSF donors and especially Thich Chi Tan, a Superior Buddhist Monk, and Ms Dao in Ho Chi Minh City who provided me with an opportunity to be a VNSF scholar.


On behalf of my whole family, at the back of my mind, I would like to express the great gratitude to wonderful donors, benefactors, Superior Buddhist Monk Thich Chi Tan and Ms. Dao for your generosity and assistance helping Vietnamese students. I wish you an extraordinary life with brimful of health, happiness and wealth. I promise I will be an useful individual to community, fulfilling filial duty and helping those who are in need of help as I was.

Thank you very much for all.
Pham Huu Ly

Live Auction Preview! Vegetarian Dinner for 8-10 #benefitGala2017 #vnsf

Get ready to have an 8-course vegetarian dinner that you won’t soon forget! Dinner will be served with wine pairings and enjoyed on a rooftop with a Lake Washington view. Valued at $1500, this dinner for 8-10 people is an experience your stomach will deem priceless!

Come to VNSF’s BENEFIT GALA on September 9th to bid on this amazing item! Register today:…

Thank you, Dung Tran & Gary Ly, for this awesome donation! Thank you Tan Vo Nguyen & Lien Nguyen for hosting!


Letter from Hung Anh

Dear VNSF,

I was taught by Miss Suong, who teaches English at Phu Vinh Junior High School (Phu Vinh Commune, Tan Chau Town, An Giang Province).

I am very grateful to VNSF for its support and interest in the past. You helped me get to where I am today. I started receiving scholarships in 2006 up until now. It’s been a long way with the support, I feel very lucky for that.

I finished my education, and just graduated. I submitted my University thesis in December 2016 for Environmental Science major, Can Tho University, and got a job in mid January 2017. Currently, I am an environmental officer of Khanh Hoang Seafood Export Processing Company, in Tran De Town, Soc Trang.

I am very happy to see the organization is growing, helping a lot of disadvantaged young friends.

Again, thanks for helping me.

Thank you for your contribution to my education.

Congratulations always grow and stable.

I look forward to keeping in touch with the organization.

Thank you!

Hung Anh.