Bui Thu Thuy

Sometimes I have raised my eyes to look into the deep blue sky and felt that I was so tiny. I did not know if I was so tiny compared to the sky or in this society, but I always kept my dreams that I had since I was a very young girl.

Time runs so fast and now I become a young girl. Since I was very young, I was very different from my other classmates. They were encircled by the love of parents and by material comfort. For me, I lost my father before I was born, so I lived with my mother in a tiny house in the neighborhood. I lacked material and paternal support, but I still always considered myself lucky because I had a mother who accepted all the sufferings to let me exist, raised me by her own sweet milk, and made me comfortable in my cradle by lovingly singing folk songs. She was my first teacher and always will be. She was the light which guided me in dark nights, the fire which warmed me in cold days, and the model for me to follow. She worked very hard all day long and did not have enough time for relaxing and taking care of her self. She endured so much hardship and so much suffering, but she always smiled and loved me very much. Heavy responsibilities made her old before her time. She sacrificed quietly with only one hope that I will be a good person. I felt grief every time I saw her with a skinny shape in the kitchen with the forehead full of sweat.

My mother is the main power to push me strongly to study. She did not permit me to run around on the streets with friends day by day or place by place. If I would do that, I would betray her and destroy her efforts, her dreams, and her hope. I could not waste even a minute or a second for nothing, but I must concentrate to study. I could not satisfy with my achievements but always thought that I must do better and better. I knew that the knowledge is so immense and difficult for us to obtain all. Everything we know today is only a drop of water in the ocean or a piece of sand in the desert. The path of education will never be easy with red carpet, but on its way, we will face with obstacles, challenges and hardships. The first thing we should do is to defeat our weaknesses and determine clearly our goals. We never let the so called failure and the so called hardship to discourage us, to make our walk be slower and finally force us to give up on the half way. These are the keys to my success and the guidelines to my life.

I used to think that in this world there are so many people but each of us has only one life. So why don’t we try to maximize all our efforts and talents to make something so special and meaningful to us so we don’t have to feel that we are wasting this precious time. Even that I am writing these lines, I must say that sometimes I feel discouraged in some situations where I thought that I could not eliminate obstacles. At those moments, the image of my mother with her eyes sparkling of love and hope appeared in my mind. It seems that she would like to say that she is waiting for her daughter and then I feel stronger with a determined power that no one can destroy. Try, try more!!! For a better and brighter future!!!

Since I was a very young child, I have had a dream: to be a famous businesswoman who would assist poor people, end wars and bring peace for all countries. I am just afraid that I will not have enough talents and ability to make this dream come true. The poor condition of my life drilled me and trained me to know how to accept this condition and how to eliminate it. My mother is always close to me and provides me with good advice and words of consolation. She is really a peaceful wharf where I can cast the anchor for my boat during stormy days. She used to say to me:” There are very few people who could get what they want. The difference between people is the energy. With energy, efforts and belief in his own self, people can make it all. Truly your future is on your hands!!!” Those words made enough to understand more what I did, what I am doing and what I shall do. When people told me about the good stories of studies and research, I feel embarrassed because I could not do anything by myself yet but I was thinking why those vigorous men could make wonderful things but not me? Then I went back immediately to books. When I have free time, I usually read books at home or in libraries. Books are my quiet friends who gave me consolation when I was sad and fill up my minds with new knowledge. I remember my young ages with loving feelings such as a young girl who is looking into a mirror in fabulous stories.

Looking back to the past, I am more confident for the future even that I know that I will face with more obstacles. All experience that I obtained will be my luggage for future trips. My dreams and my expectations will make me not to get lost. I wish that I could study oversea. With the present financial condition of my family, the only way for me to achieve that wish is to bring all efforts in studies and then I may get a full education grant. If I make it, I would have a new horizon, a new opportunity for my future. It must be a hard way, I understand, but I believe that I will fulfill successfully with my efforts. Dreams are not at somewhere but right in our hands. In the last ten years, I always was an honor student. In the years of junior high, I got the second prize for English contest for provincial students. At 10th grade, I was selected to study at the Bac Lieu High School, Honor Program and have had opportunities to know excellent students and faculty and I am very happy. Since that day I continue to try better and better in studies. I promised to my self that I can not let my mother and my teachers down and I will be one of the good students of this adorable school.

We should never let situations defeat us and we must know how to change situations, from the unlucky ones to be a powerful force which will push us to our future path-the path with many obstacles and sufferings, but at the end, it will be a sweet peace- How many of us can understand this!!!

Translated by Tung Thanh Nguyen

Original letter in Vietnamese

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