Gary Ly

Gary Ly

Gary Thai Binh Ly came to the US in 1993 from the suburb of Saigon. Seattle became his second home. Gary was from a teacher family. He worked at a very young age to support his own schools in Viet Nam and in the US. His longtime dreams and vision are to help children in Viet Nam to get the basic education. This is his PASSION. He strongly believes that education is the greatest tool to improve people’s lives, especially the less fortunate children. Gary strongly commits his time and energy to VNSF to empower and share its vision and mission.

One of Gary’s favorite Vietnamese sayings is:

“Học trò học hiếu học trung
Học cho đến mực anh hùng mới thôi…”

Gary is currently a broker with John L Scott Real Estate to help people to achieve the American Dreams.

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