Le Van Bao

Dear VNSF,

In a previous letter, I mentioned that my immediate wish was to be accepted into the Economic Department at the Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City. Now, that wish is a reality. Before, I get excited when thinking of the day when I am a part of the college classroom, listening to lectures given by experts in their fields, participating in exciting debates with other students, being a part of the English club, the social organizations, the nights staying up learning new things, etc. Now, those days are becoming a reality and are no longer just dreams. Like any of the small achievements I’ve been able to accomplish, I am extremely, extremely thankful to many people who supported, encouraged and helped me, from my parents, teachers to the authors of the books that taught me so much. I (and I dare speak to other students just like me), want to say the deepest, most sincere appreciation for all of you at the VNSF. The awards you provided were the fires that kept alive my dreams.

During the process of preparing for my college exam, I truly did run into difficulties, both financial and mental, especially mental. I was disappointed in myself since my grades have dropped since before. I am an optimist, always looking forward, but running into these difficulties I thought I could fail, that I can’t get over those difficulties, and that I won’t understand why I can’t get over them. These are the negative thoughts that slowed and disrupted my established plans. Even during the test I had to overcome the pressure I placed on myself. I tried hard to put those pressures, those difficulties aside and was able to succeed, to achieve beyond what I think I could do, although there are more to what I can do. I continue to avoid those difficulties, but then I become stuck and feel all alone.

But I’ve recognized my mistakes, that I must accept and face those weaknesses, to understand and overcome them. I must continue forward. I found my old optimistic self and I’m learning to be positive. My goal now is to become a good international economist. Entering college, I am once again placing a bigger burden on my parents. Seeing my father enduring his thirst just to save enough money for my tuition, I remind myself that my responsibility is first to those two who’s sacrificed much. Twelve years of school are twelve years of my mother waking up early to prepare breakfast. My mom has aged more, and her arthritis pain is becoming more frequent. I feel bad that I can’t be of more help, that I am their burden.

Becoming an international economist is my ultimate goal for my country, but I first must give my parents a good life with happiness and peace. I believe I can make this a reality with all the good things that I have now and that I have been given.

I want to end this letter with the best wishes of good health, success, happiness to all of you at VNSF. I hope that there are many other students who can be as lucky as I have been. Life is always lovely, fair and full of wonderful opportunities.


Translated by Anh Tran

Original letter in Vietnamese

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