Ly Trung Hieu

I am currently a student at THPT. It is difficult for me to discuss too much about the future;rather, it is more practical to name a few goals and how I can eventually accomplish each of them. First, I will try hard to excel in my studies in order to qualify for college, pursuing a major in communications at the university in Ho Chi Minh city, and if possible, I will even try to be selected for studying abroad. That would be the best way to enlarge one’s knowledge, and knowledge is the only way to help us succeed. There are two things I would like to accomplish in the future. First, is to fulfill my responsibilities to my family. This includes providing my parents with a comfortable life, and helping my little brother obtain a complete education. Afterwards, I want to work hard at my job, and at the same time pursue research in physics, because physics is my passion. I would also wish one day to work as a volunteer in an organization similarly to yours because it seems like a lot of fun. I will try my best to accomplish all these goals.

Translated by Dani Vinh

Original letter in Vietnamese

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