Nguyen Thi Thu Hau

In every society, there is social segregation, class division. I was born and raised in a difficult situations. Sometimes, I am a bit disheartened hearing my friends boast to each other about having this, having that, but I feel nothing beats living with the love of family, friends and being helped by everyone around me.

Although poor, my parents save as much money as possible so my sister and I can go to school. My younger sister is in 12th grade and I am in college. Our studies require many expenses and make things even harder for our family. Knowing that, I always remind myself that I have to work hard and perform well in my studies.

People say knowledge is very important and will follow you for the rest of your life, teaching you what to do and not to do. Crossing the threshold into college, I feel much pride, but at the same time, some sadness because I know that I will create more burden for my family. Sometimes, I want to quit school and go to work to help my parents and help my sister finish school. But after some contemplation, I decide that a higher education is very important and will benefit me greatly in the future.

I wish that 4 years in college will pass quickly, so I can graduate and get a job, help my parents, so they can quit their job selling lottery tickets. I will work hard at my job to provide a comfortable life for my parents since they have lived in difficult situations since their youth. I will try to get a job in a company doing accounting.

I heard people say it is easy for accountants to get jobs, but actually getting a job is another matter. One must have money and status to get such a job. I have watched other people who graduate and cannot find real jobs, so they have to do odd jobs such as fixing cars, selling fruits, etc. Therefore, I have to study hard now.

People have money, I will have knowledge. I do not know for sure what the future will be like. I think everyone has dreams and aspirations, but whether we could make those dreams come true is what matters. With that in mind, I do not wish to strive for a high and glorious status. I only want to get a good job after graduation so I can help my parents, then after I have gotten a job, I will allow myself to dream of more things.

My words are awkward, I hope you do not find it too funny!!!
Translated by Dani Vinh

Original letter in Vietnamese

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