Nhung Le

image1My name is Mai Nhung Le, and I have continuously volunteered for VNSF for the last 6 years. It all started with a simple request from a new friend, Quynh An; for ladies to greet in Ao Dai for the benefit dinner. I wanted to do more than just help greet and just look pretty in an Ao Dai, so I came early to help with any of the set-up where it was needed. I chose to stay so that I could learn more about the nonprofit, and ended up helping everyone with the clean-up as well.  By the second year, Alina reached out and recruited me for the Event Planning Committee. And as each year that I volunteered, I am challenged with a new task in the fundraising committees. Not only did I learn from the board members, but from the many donors and the volunteers over the years as well.

Having been born in Vietnam, and leaving at the young age of three to Seattle, Washington to start a new life with my family, was a luxury given for a chance of a better future. And as I go back throughout the years, I see first hand how a lack of education can restrict someone and their family of a future of their dreams.  I am truly happy to have found a nonprofit that has such a great passion of giving back to those who are in need of help. Those who can truly benefit from our donations of scholarships and time given. My passion and love for this organization has grown so much since the first day I volunteered. I am excited to see what our future will hold for VNSF.

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