Tuong Nguyen

Member since August 2016

Tuong Nguyen was born in Saigon, Viet Nam. His family is one of those families that the United State citizens call/recognize as the official “boat people”. His family was forced to leave the country in order to survive. They were one of the lucky families that traveled across the South China Sea for seven days to the Philippines and lived to tell about it. He was 10 year old at the time. He was still young when they immigrated into United States so he could adapt much quicker than his parents in terms of language and culture. As a typical Asian family, his parents emphasized education but he did not think it is necessary at the time. Later in life, when he had to work as a laborer in a canning food company, he realized that his parents were right. Therefore, he said to himself that he must get an education as this is the path to a better life. Now that Tuong is somewhat successful in life with a stable job and a great family of his own, he would like to help kids in Viet Nam get a better life by fulfilling their dreams through education. Tuong believes that this is one of the core principles of VNSF and it is one of his own core principals as well.

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