Tuyet-Quan Thai

Quan Thai (002)Tuyet-Quan Thai has been an ardent supporter of VNSF since its inception more than a dozen of years ago.  She is the newest member of the board, having joined as Secretary in February 2019.

Quan was born in Vietnam and left in 1978 with her mother, grandmother, and siblings. Being a stranger in a strange land, Quan is thankful every day for the opportunities that her new homeland provided for her to excel educationally. One of her missions is to help create similar opportunities for disadvantaged children all over the world to fulfill their aspirations no matter their background, and is thrilled to serve an organization that does exactly that for children in Vietnam.

Professionally, Quan leads a team of data architects and auditors to analyze data for management purposes and to find anomalies. In other words, she is somewhat of a data nerd.

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