FINAL 1 Booklet Scholarship 1 in Phu VInh-3

We provide on-going scholarships that renew every year. Our goal is to provide impoverished students in rural Vietnam the financial means to complete their education.

Established: 2001
Current # Students: 571
Lifetime # Students: 705

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Dao Xuan Anh Memorial Scholarship

Donors: Weller Family
Benefits: Engineering students
Established: 2007
Current # Students: 6

Nguyen-Rhim Scholarship

Donors: Rhim Family
Benefits: Medical students
Established: 2009
Current # Students: 4

Reading Rooms

Our reading rooms are renovations of school libraries. Our goal is to promote literacy by providing books and resources. We partner with Technology Services Corps to install computers into our Reading Rooms.

Established: 2007
Current # Rooms: 8
Lifetime # Rooms: 9

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FINAL 6 - ABOUT US - F Student Reading BG-2

Transportation Access

FINAL 8 ABOUT US Student with Bicycle 2013-2

The Transportation Access Program provides bicycles, wheelchairs and other transit needs to our students. Our goal is to remove transportation as a barrier to education.

Donors: Weiss Family & VNSF
Established: 2008
Current # Students: 47

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