Our goal is to promote literacy by providing books and computers to school libraries. We want to create lively reading spaces where students can nourish their thirst for learning.

Why There Is a Need

Vietnamese schools often lack the money to give students access to basic books much less educational software and computers. Some schools don’t even have libraries and rely on make-shift mobile libraries borrowed from other schools.


The objective of this program is to improve the quality of education for Vietnamese children. We provide funding and strategic assistance to the libraries of partner schools.

Libraries are resources that encourage children to develop good reading habits. They are also a hub for student activity. We renovate school libraries to furnish them with new books and proper furniture (e.g. shelves, tables, etc.). Through a partnership with Technology Services Corps, computers are installed into our Reading Rooms so students and teachers have access to the internet.

Projects Completed

  • Six Turtles Library (An Giang Province)
  • Xuan Dieu Middle School (My Tho Province)
  • Long Phuoc School (District 9, Sai Gon)
  • Tam Thon Hiep School (Can Gio District, Sai Gon)
  • Binh Phuoc Primary School (Can Gio District, Sai Gon)
  • Vinh Hoa A Primary School (An Giang Province)
  • Vinh Hoa B Primary School (An Giang Province)
  • Phu Vinh Church (An Giang Province)
  • Mỹ An Hưng Primary School (Dong Thap Province)

Program Details

It takes very little to renovate school libraries and transform them into thriving resource centers.

  • $500-1000 for new shelves, tables & flooring
  • $500 for new books
  • $300 for wall coverings and white boards
  • $200 to sponsor a grand opening drawing contest

Criteria for Selecting Partner Schools

  • Poverty Level: Selected schools should serve student populations with high percentages of government poverty certifications (50%+).
  • Committed Leadership: Principal and school staff must be committed to the project, assist in the creation of the new library system, and provide ongoing maintenance.


  1. Survey potential school libraries in need
  2. Interview principal and librarian
  3. Accept schools to renovate
  4. Draw up detailed budget for renovation
  5. Renovate library
  6. Hold grand opening with a student drawing contest!
Tam Thon Hiep students using their new library!
Tam Thon Hiep students using their new library!