The My Chau Scholarship grants a bright student studying economics a prestigious scholarship.


‘We recognize that the opportunity we have here in the United States eludes many children in Viet Nam. Young minds need to be cultivated and children given a chance to grow and learn without the distraction and burden of adult concerns such as earning a living, paying bills, etc. We also share VNSF’s values, mission and belief that through education, the cycle of poverty can be broken and a nation can flourish. We hope this scholarship plays a role in ushering that change in Viet Nam.’ — Donors

Program Details

Where the money goes

Annual scholarship amount: $1000

Scholarship recipient criteria:

  • Area of Study: Economics or Social Science
  • Financially need
  • University level
  • Minimum GPA of 8.5
  • Living in Sai Gon


  • Our local contacts in each province collect applications from children
  • Applications are pre-screened against our scorecard
  • Students who meet our requirements are interviewed in their homes in March
  • The Scholarship Acceptance Committee selects which students will receive scholarships
  • Scholarships are dispursed before the term begins
  • Student grades are reported at the end of each term.
  • For new applicants, acceptance and rejection letters are sent in the Fall.
  • For existing students, warning letters are sent to students whose grades jeopardize their status for scholarhip renewal.