The Transportation Access Program provides bicycles, wheelchairs and other transit needs to our students. Our goal is to remove transportation as a barrier to education.

Why There Is a Need

Without a public school transit system, many rural students can spend over an hour walking to school. Inclement weather can even prevent students from going to school altogether.


Our grants help students with any transportation needs. These can include:

  • New Bicycles
  • Wheelchairs
  • Bus Fare for school trips

Program Details


TAP Grants: $10-$500

The TAP program was initially funded by Jason Weiss with a donation of $1,200. This amount was matched by VNSF for a total starting fund of $2,400.

Criteria for Selecting Students

  • Must be a VNSF scholarship recipient
  • Must not have received a TAP award within the past 12 months of application
  • Must be able to articulate hardship in reaching school or accessing educational resources
  • Students who request bicycles must live at least 3 kilometers from their school


  1. Applicants submit a TAP application and essay
  2. Applications are reviewed by the program committee
  3. Bicycles are purchased and delivered to students
  4. Money for requests for other support (e.g. bus fare) is delivered to students
  5. Proof of purchase (a receipt and/or photo of the student and bike) is sent back to VNSF